Quantum Mechanics Faces Hegel

This paper emerged from two courses on epistemology that we gave to freshmen of the Computer Engineering Program of State University of Rio Grande do Sul, Campus of Guaíba, RS, Brazil, in 2016 and 2017. Abstract. From our reading of Hegel’s Science of Logic, we challenge the quantum mechanics common sense concepts of reality, observation, Read more about Quantum Mechanics Faces Hegel[…]

The soft bigotry of residual cultural identity

This paper stemmed from an indication in MES discussion list. It was refused for publication and we can understand why. We will probably never find the time to rework it out and elicit its main idea: class struggle in discourse. You are invited to use it as you please. Truly The Cabraldinos 190606 The Soft Read more about The soft bigotry of residual cultural identity[…]